Why Better Quality of Hire Beats Time and Cost to Hire

Making your recruiting as data driven as possible is key; here are some metrics to get you started. The impact of hiring great people on all levels makes the whole difference. One rule of thumb is that the 20% best on any level delivers more than 150% better result than average. That is why investing … Read more

The Corona Situation

Avollon responds by continuing to support users and sharing insight We’ve been working with HR and Hiring Managers around the world over the last weeks. They are, like many of you, facing an unprecedented challenge keeping their employees and businesses safe. With this, we want to share some measures and resources to help ensure the … Read more

The War for Talent is On

Rise to the challenge by combining your most valuable tools The “war for talent” is not a new phenomenon. Many factors play a role to win this war and digitalization is one of them. The recruitment industry still has a huge potential in this aspect. What is missing and how do you find your strategy … Read more

Podcast: Is Your Approach to Hiring All Wrong?

Listen to this fascinating podcast that will make you want to fix your hiring process Businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today. They’ve never spent as much money doing it either. However, they’ve never done a worse job of it, the experts claim. Harvard Business Review presents an insightful podcast in … Read more

Insight: Improve Hiring with 3 Critical Steps

Using key performance criteria to avoid costly hiring mistakes Thinking carefully about key performance criteria for different roles is critical in order to avoid costly hiring mistakes at scale. Read more about McKinsey’s take on how becoming more thoughtful and data-driven about hiring is sure to increase the quality of hires in total. When the … Read more

News: Get the Right Recruiters in 46 European Countries

Avollon now covers more functions and industries than any other recruitment solution in Europe Avollon has strengthened its foothold in Europe by onboarding more leading recruitment firms, adding its reach to more than 2.000 search executives and recruiters across Europe. Making it one of the most comprehensive recruiting solutions for local and global companies recruiting … Read more

Insight: HBR on Propelling your Professional Development

Is your business missing out from leaving the creation of vision to top-level leaders alone? Avollon is working with some of the most visionary companies in their respective markets – all led by talents and leaders promoting strong visions and values on all levels. We know that a simple, bold, inspirational vision is something close … Read more

News: US Hiring Solved with 1.800+ Expert Recruiters

Avollon covers more functions and industries than any other executive search solution in the US Avollon has successfully strengthened its platform in the US by connecting clients to leading recruitment firms with more than 1.800 expert recruiters. This will manifest its position as a superior global platform for locating the best recruiters in the US, … Read more

Insight: BCG on how Platforms are Changing Innovation

What possibilities does your company have to innovate faster in a technology driven economy? Large and small companies alike are benefiting from digital innovation more than ever—and embracing AI, platforms, and ecosystems to gain the upper hand. Avollon is such a platform; sharing data and insight so you can access the right expertise when hiring … Read more

News: Avollon Helps Companies Hire in 64 Countries

64 countries and more than 5.000 of the world’s most experienced and specialized recruiters. «Avollon makes it easy to get in contact with headhunters with the right track record in new markets. This obviously saves us both time and money», says Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO Element Logic. In response to clients in need of a true … Read more