News: US Hiring Solved with 1.800+ Expert Recruiters

Avollon covers more functions and industries than any other executive search solution in the US

Avollon has successfully strengthened its platform in the US by connecting clients to leading recruitment firms with more than 1.800 expert recruiters. This will manifest its position as a superior global platform for locating the best recruiters in the US, within all industries and functions.

Avollon announced today that it has successfully strengthened its presence in the US by connecting leading national and local firms with more than 1.800 premium headhunters to the Avollon platform. Avollon covers more functions and industries than any other recruitment solution in the US, making it the natural one stop for better talent search.

The US economy is a highly developed mixed economy. It is the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP and the diversified industrial sector is a significant driver. The economy is also a world-leading high-technology innovator with the second-largest industrial output in the world. The US dollar is the currency most used in international transactions and the world’s foremost reserve currency. The US economy is fueled by abundant natural resources, a well-developed infrastructure, high productivity and the world’s strongest consumer purchasing power. No wonder why most companies with international ambitions try to establish a foothold in the US.

Henning von Borcke, COO in Avollon, says; “Recruiting in the US is big business, and hiring talents in the strategic and competitive US-market is not easy. However, finding the right person in this market will undeniably have a huge impact. The US recruitment market is the largest, most dynamic and complex in the world and finding the right recruiter for your business is known to be difficult and costly. You have thousands of freelancers and small firms as well as both national and global players. You have contingency and retainer contracts with all the variations you can think of and with fees ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to fees way over 200.000 USD. The quality and commitment of the consultants vary accordingly. The usual option would be to do all the research yourself and gamble on the success of the headhunter you find. The new alternative is to let Avollon’s insight, process and time work for you. By strengthening the platform in the US, we secure additional quality and continue to reduce clients time, cost and risk.”

“It is a great advantage to get connected directly to pre-qualified local partners. Avollon speeds up the hiring process and for us the final outcome was a highly qualified Managing Director for our US operation” says Peter T. Thomsen, CEO at Consignor.

“Avollon speeds up the decision-making process for numerous fast-growing companies worldwide every day. Benchmarking recruiters reveal that many clients experience their current solution as insufficient, and 80% of our clients prefer Avollon’s consultants even with other alternatives at hand. Clients see how Avollon can support and highlight the importance of selecting the right recruiter for their organization», says Cato Backer, CEO at Avollon.

«Avollon combines the advantages of a platform by securing quality and saving time and costs when assessing consultants and their firms. We provide global agreements and invoicing, supporting both client and consultants throughout the whole process. Maximizing the quality of hires while reducing time, costs and risk will be the key driver for our growth going forward» Henning von Borcke ads.