All Companies Struggle with Recruiting.

We source the whole market for you to find 3 expert recruiters from leading firms. Benchmark so you hire better. Fast, safe and within budget.

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80.000+assignments a year

Better recruiting on all levels

Let Avollon connect you with the right expert recuiters and search executives from leading firms. Recruiting just got a lot easier with Avollon. Worldwide and on all levels.

Ensure quality

Better Services

Avollon sources the whole market for you and invites 3 expert recruiters from leading firms. Benchmark and upgrade.

Save time

Save Time & Costs

Avollon sources data and insight so that you can hire better, faster and within budget. Save time to recruiter and time to hire.

Reduce risk

Safe & Digital

Work safer with a digital platform, integrated agreements, extended guarantees and your personal advisor.


All Services

Call Avollon for all recruiting issues. From auditing your recruiting to sourcing better services. Worldwide.

Top 3% Recruiters

Finding the Top 3% requires a potent combination of insight, process, and data. Using Avollon’s Quality Assessment Process, we apply rigor to screen, identify, and evaluate the best executive search consultants in any market around the world – for any assignment.

The 3% Best

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