Hire great people and build great teams

First we listened to clients. Then we built an intelligent platform consolidating everything that goes into direct hiring on site. Streamlining it all from start to finish.

Source the best professionals

Professional Search

Hire exceptional professionals with expert agency recruiters from leading firms. All assessed and by invitation only. Fast and within your budget. Connect with an Avollon Advisor today.

Executive Search

Hire exceptional leaders with expert search executives. Avollon sources the whole market to connect you to the best. We provide executive search with all the advise you need to hire great leaders.

Volume Hiring/RPO

Hire a team of great expert agency recruiters to reach your hiring goals. No matter if it is 5 or 50 professionals you want to hire, scale your recruiting team faster and more flexible with Avollon.

Step 1: Share your hire with Avollon

Call your Avollon Client Advisor or use the intelligent platform to match open jobs to expert recruiters with the best track records of filling similar positions. Share data and gather insight and advice on how to build your organization, remote or onsite.

Step 2: Source and meet expert recruiters

Our search engine matches the job description to the expert recruiters best suited to fill the position. Performance and expertise ranks recruiters so you can save time by sending it to top performers first. Top recruiters are more likely to deliver successful candidates. 

Step 3: Select the best and start hiring

You decide who you want to work with. Invite and consolidate all recruiters you love on the platform for free. Recruiting requires human interaction and meeting the recruiters representing you for a briefing is a part of a successful process. Contract the best and start hiring.

One platform for better control and support

Everything from sourcing recruiters and candidates to organizing contracts, invoices and compliance records are centralized. We track and organize the costs and data associated with hiring, so it’s easy to monitor your bottom line, programs and progress.

Support all locations with Avollon

Avollon supports all your recruiting needs in 70+ countries and 100+ major cities worldwide with the most comprehensive community of expert recruiters and consultants from leading firms. All assessed and by invitation only.

Supporting all Tech Organizations

  • Tech-Companies with millions of users
  • Listed Companies of all sizes in all markets
  • PE and VC Companies scaling and growing 
  • Founder- and family owned Companies of all size

Hire great people faster

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