News: Avollon Helps Companies Hire in 64 Countries

64 countries and more than 5.000 of the world’s most experienced and specialized recruiters.

«Avollon makes it easy to get in contact with headhunters with the right track record in new markets. This obviously saves us both time and money», says Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO Element Logic.

In response to clients in need of a true global recruitment solution, Avollon connects clients and assignments to the very best of recruiters on one global platform – open to all companies. Avollon provides a platform with leading local and national recruitment companies in 64 countries with more than 4.000 of the world’s most experienced and specialized recruiters at your fingertips.

“As of today Avollon is able to support recruitment with expert consultants within all industries, functions and on all levels in 64 countries. Avollon now covers more countries with more depth than any other conventional network, and ultimately provides millions of companies with a compelling solution for better talent management in all markets” says Cato Backer, founder and CEO of Avollon.

Finding the best recruiter requires a potent combination of insight, process, and time. Avollon’s Quality Assessment Process applies rigor to screening, identifying, and evaluating consultants before being invited to the platform. Avollon captures and structures data from all relevant sources, and conducts personal interviews with consultants, references and HR experts. Global surveys pick up new trends, names and companies. Comprehensive, independent and unbiased.

“We will continue to expand our global reach and the ability to apply the benefits of true local expertise within all industries and functions in all markets. Our global platform, which is unique in the market of recruiting, saves up to 90% on time to consultant and 40% on time to hire. The value proposition is compelling for organizations working for better talent management and provides better control when recruiting, reducing both time and risk”, says Henning von Borcke, COO at Avollon.

“Avollon recommended headhunters with relevant expertise in one of our most important markets in Europe. The Platform gave us transparency and allowed us to make an informed decision on how to secure our next critical hire. We will use Avollon in the future” says Frode S. Robbestad, EVP Sales from AutoStore.

Avollon provides global agreements and flexible solutions for invoicing and payment, handling VAT in most countries and major currencies. «It is a huge benefit for international companies to work through a safe and transparent platform and avoid unpleasant surprises regarding quality, costs and invoicing,» adds von Borcke from Avollon.