The Corona Situation

Avollon responds by continuing to support users and sharing insight

We’ve been working with HR and Hiring Managers around the world over the last weeks. They are, like many of you, facing an unprecedented challenge keeping their employees and businesses safe.

With this, we want to share some measures and resources to help ensure the safety of our employees, clients and partners, the continuity of our business and support for our customers during this time.

Continuing To Offer a Digital Service Platform

Avollon’s cloud-based digital platform enables customers and partners to work uninterrupted. Our services provide a global and safe workflow, able to adjust and fully support sourcing of the best services within all recruiting, interim management and outplacement for you business. Worldwide and safe – saving you time and budget.

Sharing Valuable Experience and Actionable Resources

Providing leadership and staying informed is the best thing to do when faced with a situation that is critical and changing fast. Going forward we will with that in mind share relevant links and actionable insight. Learning from experiences made by other professionals is often valuable when trying to avoid the worst pitfalls. Here are 3 useful links for better understanding how to navigate the current situation.

Crowdsourced Collection of Resources:

Coronavirus HR Comms and Resource Guide : A crowdsourced collection of resources from well-known companies to help support Coronavirus response plans.

Crisis Management in Corona Times:

Leadership in Times of Crisis – Key Moments of Truth : In disorienting times, the most effective leaders find ways to re-ground themselves in the fundamentals of crisis leadership. Insight from BCG.

Current Perspectives On the Evolving Situation:

Covid-19: Implications for Business : Updated perspectives on the evolving impact of Corona on business, based on an analysis of past emergencies combined with recent industry insight and expertise. Insight from McKinsey.

Support Availability for Customers

Avollon’s systems are easily accessible for all users, regardless of their physical localtion. A work-from-home policy will not impact Avollon’s ability to deliver our core services. We do not anticipate any reduction in productivity or interruptions to service as a result of the spread of the virus.

Remember, your team is looking to you for guidance and a sense of security and continuity. Every HR professional and every leader in the world are facing similar challenges right now, and none of us had a lot of time to prepare. Avollon will be standing by to support you all the way, and in every way we can.

Take care,
Cato Backer