Why Your Business’s Onboarding Efforts Aren’t Enough

What does your company’s onboarding strategy look like?

What does your company’s onboarding strategy look like? Do you hire new employees, introduce them to rest of the team, and then let them figure things out on their own? Or do you invest the time and attention necessary to fully train and integrate new hires?

According to the Harvard Business Review, many businesses don’t know how to onboard new leaders. The article, titled “Onboarding Isn’t Enough,” states onboarding at most businesses “involves not much more than bringing the executive safely on deck.” After that point, leaders are expected to have the experience and know-how to hit the ground running on their own. This approach leads to confused, ineffective leaders and ultimately breeds problems with employee turnover.

The Harvard Business Review article recommends that businesses try a different tactic, trading “onboarding” for “integration.”

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