Optimism at a 10-year high but world leaders also feel fear

PwC’s global CEO survey hasn’t measured greater optimism in the last 10 years than now.

PwC’s global executive management survey has not measured greater optimism in the last 10 years than now. At the same time, uncertainty is high – cyber security, terror, geopolitical challenges, automation of labor are among the many concerns top executives experience around the world.

World leaders view 2018 with great optimism. The Health and Public sector is expected to grow strongly. 57% of those asked think it will be a year of growth, which almost doubles the 2017 forecast, while only 5% think 2018 will be a poor year without economic growth. Traditionally, the public sector is a sector of growth in troubled times – which they are if we are to believe the world’s top executives.

The global survey also conveys several other matters of great concern. The geopolitical challenges and tensions between global superpowers cause fear. Top leaders fear terror and that markets could be affected adversely. Only 20% worried about terror in 2017, a year later twice as many are concerned. The fear of geopolitical challenges also increases from 2017.

Avollon can through its global executive network confirm the same trends as PwC presents.