Why Avollon?

You can either invest a lot of time, accept the risk of not finding the right recruiters and firms, negotiating suboptimal terms, and ultimately hiring the wrong recruiter and candidate. or You can team up with experts from Avollon sourcing the whole market, so that you easy connect to 3 fully vetted expert recruiters within your budget and with a quality guarantee.

Avollon is Better, Faster, Safer – and Free to use. Worldwide.


Quality and transparency:

Pre-screen every single consultant and firm for every assignment to secure working with the best

With Avollon

Yes, always

On your own

Do you have the capacity and the capability?


Speed and simplicity:

Time to pre-screen every single consultant and firm for every assignment, anywhere in the world.

With Avollon

1-3 days

On your own

Weeks to months to never


Safety and security:

Quality guarantee if not satisfied with selected consultant and firm when working retained.

With Avollon

Yes, always

On your own

No, you always risk sunk costs


Cost and risk of getting started

Get free service and support from a unbiased and dedicated third- party Client Advisor.

With Avollon

Yes, always

On your own

No, you’re on your own


True global reach:

Access to the best consultants and firms in virtually every commercial and economic center, worldwide.

With Avollon


On your own



Top quality consulting and support

Sourcing Expert Recruiters 

The best recruiters work with a dedicated team with the right insight, systems and networks. That is why we never work with freelancers but only with expert recruiters from leading firms.

Recruitment Audit

Secure your hiring on all levels with the Avollon Recruiting Audit. Benchmark all your recruiting in critical markets and secure better recruiting in the future. Get your Recruitment Audit with practical actions for impact on better hiring.


Safer with reliable cost control

Avollon Quality Guarantee

Avollon`s Quality Guarantee ensures you the highest quality of service and candidates provided by the recruiter you have selected. Avollon will support you if you’re not satisfied with your selected recruiter.

Agreements with fixed-fees

Avollon’s Client Advisors are seasoned experts in qualifying consultants and firms. Standardized agreements and fixed fees for recruiting services secure quality, trust and cost savings.


Global flexibility

Personal Support

The Avollon Advisor Team are experts in most markets and provide a single point of contact for searches at all levels, functions, and industries. We adjust our approach to your company and the particulars of your search so you can ramp-up fast. 

How it works

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Connect with an Avollon Client Advisor to discuss your next hire.

Sourcing better recruiters for you

We benchmark your recruiting and source the whole market to find 3 expert recruiters from leading firms so you can hire better. In any location worldwide.

Work with the best and start hiring

Hire great people faster with a recruiting audit and by sourcing expert recruiters from leading firms. Get better control and save time.

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