Governance, Risk and Compliance

Avollon works according to policies and regulations for good corporate governance to ensure that the board and all employees work together to achieve these goals. Avollon is strongly committed to privacy, security and transparency. To secure our privacy and security data we work according the GDPR and other relevant regulations.

Cloud Security

Avollon will do what it takes to secure your data according to the highest industry standards. That is why we use Azure Cloud from Microsoft as one of the leading global providers of secure cloud services. Since the platform is an important part of the Avollons service, all APIs are tested for quality, security and in accordance with industry standards. Avollon further uses 256 bits encryption and SSL to secure data for its users on the platform.

Microsoft Azure SSL Secured 256 bit encrpytion

GDPR & Privacy

Avollon provides a platform and services according to GDPR. The new regulation has had significant impact on how businesses collect, store, process and secure personal data. This means that all parts in a company, such as marketing, sales and customer service must handle personal data in a more professional manner and in accordance with legal privacy regulations.

Safe Payment and VAT

Avollon provides its users with a safe and reliable solution for flexible global invoicing and payments. All invoices and payments are quality assured as to compliancy with agreements and regulations. Avollon has global providers of VAT services advising if any specific local VAT issues should arise.

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