What is Avollon?

Avollon is the beginning of a better experience when you need recruiting and executive search services. No more questionable consultants, unpredictable fees, uncertain conditions and undefined processes. No more procrastinating difficult recruiting decisions in lack of good consulting. In other words: Your one stop for better recruiting on all levels.

How do I get started?

Just sign up with your name, email, and phone number and you will get connected with one of our Client Advisors  who will discuss positions to fill in all confidentiality. Within short time you will be connected to three carefully evaluated recruiters, all assessed and invited for your specific assignment. Select the one you trust and start working with the right recruiter.

Are these quality consultants?

Our team of experienced Client Advisors find and evaluate every recruiter and search executive before invited to join the platform. We connect to consultants with an average of 12 years experience within recruiting or executive search. Most of them have their background from prestigious universities and long experience working for global leading corporations. We assess according to our Quality Assessment Process and accept a tiny fraction of consultants in the market.

Is Avollon a recruiting firm?

No. Avollon is built on the idea that traditional global executive search and recruiting companies often have structural challenges putting clients first. The most successful segment of firms are the leading local and national firms. We help clients put better leadership at the top of the agenda, by helping them hire more efficiently and effectively by finding the best consultants. But we do not handle candidates.

How do I learn more about the consultants?

After qualifying the potential assignment we will connect you to three carefully evaluated consultants. You will have access to their experience and expertise in a way you have not experienced before. Our Client Advisors assess the experience, position and integrity of both consultant and their company with our proprietary Quality Asessment Process. While many deliberately hide and obscure information, we offer a remarkable transparency that keeps international clients returning to Avollon.

How does Avollon make money?

It is free for both clients and consultants to get connected on the platform. Consultants selected by clients for a specific assignments on the platform pay Avollon a service and transaction fee. We help great recruiters and search executives increase the efficiency of their practices by allocating assignments to them within their expertise. Allocating the right consultant to every assignments is the core of what we do.

Once I report a possible assignment, what happens?

First you will connect to an experienced Client Advisor to assess your potential assignment. Then three carefulle assessed consultants are invited to connect and discuss the assignment in all confidentality with you. You share information and build trust and personal relationships. After selecting the right consultant, the work finding great people for your business starts. We are here to support you all the way.

Avollon is great, how can I spread the word?

We appreciate your interest. If you want to get involved, connect with us today. We seek both innovative clients and exceptional consultants with true expertise from leading firms. Connect to Avollon and help make both your recruiting and the platform even better. Our common goal is better leadership.

Can consultants use Avollon for their clients?

Yes. Most international companies have challenges with their leadership. Avollon is a new global solution allocating every specific assignment to the right recruiter or search executive. Connect to one of our Client Advisors if you know a company or leader planning to recruit a new leader. Get more relevant for clients and learn how Avollon can provide more business for you when sharing leads.