Become an Avollon ATS Partner

Ensure your ATS users fill every hire by offering better external recruitment with Avollon APIs. Free to use and with extended quality guarantees only for ATS users. Fast and Safe. Local and Global.

Become an Avollon Partner

“Avollon was the missing link in our ATS. Our users often circumvented the ATS whenever they had to reach out to external recruiters. Now that we have Avollon integrated in our ATS this has all changed. It’s simple and free to use – and users can benchmark external recruiters in a new way when they need it.“

Easy API implementation

With Avollon APIs you can connect your ATS to Avollon within days. It is just as simple as integrating job boards and other services. Contact Avollon today for a user account and full access to Avollon APIs and support from our Tech team.

Avollon provides the insight and marketing material to successfully promote the service to your ATS customers. Get a demo and more information on how to enhance your ATS. Provide a holistic and user-centric approach to recruiting with Avollon.

“Avollon was easy to implement through APIs. The automated solution from Avollon makes it even more compelling, and it complements our ATS in a new way. Our users can now use their ATS to solve every hire. Both when hiring an external recruiter to support a project from the beginning, or as a back-up when not receiving qualified applicants."