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Great companies hire great people.
We empower clients to connect with the best.
And challenge old conventions.

We work for better leadership.

That is why we source data and insight so you can benchmark and upgrade recruiting strategies and services. We connect true expertise, so that you hire the best people to your business. Connecting clients and assignments to the very best external recruiters on a global platform - open to all clients. Comprehensive, independent and unbiased.

We believe that a better utilization of resources is a positive consequence of a sharing economy. We believe in sharing true expertise so that the right recruiter is allocated to clients and assignments in a more intelligent way. Sharing enables recruiters to build more business around their true expertise, offering clients significant added value.

Establishing an intelligent allocation of expertise across the globe - that is a huge challenge. By circumventing conventional solutions, embracing the power of technology, and engaging with clients and expert recruiters from leading firms, we are able to provide clients with better solutions than traditional recruiting solutions. Unbiased and independent we put clients first and find the best recruiters worldwide for exactly your assignment.

Avollon benchmarks all your recruiting and provides a global sourcing platform for better recruiting strategies and services in every market.

We provide great companies with great people.


New York

Address One Liberty Plaza, 165 Broadway, Suite 2301

Phone +1 917 728 1222 (USA)


Address Victoria - Grosvenor Gardens,
52 Grosvenor Gardens, London, SW1W 0AU

Phone +44 208 089 1300 (United Kingdom)


Address United Square, 101 Thomson Road

Phone +65 3159 3790 (Singapore)

Oslo, HQ

Address Avollon AS
Raadhusgaten 23
0158 Oslo, Norway
Company and VAT number
918 779 299 is registered in Norway

Phone +47 902 51 435 (Norway)

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