Become an Avollon Partner

Increase utilization of your true expertise, and earn more business with Avollon

Become an Avollon Partner

“Avollon's platform is a strong complement to the network we already are a part of. With Avollon we make our executive search consultants global and link global companies to us as a leading local executive search company. This way the executive search industry can work together and provide better global executive search services.”

Offer your Clients new Services

Professionals get more business by passing leads to Avollon. So next time you have a client with hiring needs you can help your client by sharing the lead with Avollon. 

Provide your international clients with a superior solution within executive search, covering more than 100+ cities and 60+ countries with leading local and national tier 1 companies. All assessed, qualified and invited for each specific assignment your global client may have. 

Connect with a Client Advisor today and offer your clients a superior solution for global hiring.

“As one of the leading executive search firms in Germany, we work with many clients with global organizations. Avollon is a game changer for our relation to these clients. We now have a new service and compete head to head with traditional global executive search companies, offering a superior solution for recruiting leaders in all markets worldwide. This is good for our clients and good for our business.”