Recruiting great In-house Recruiters

Let Avollon help you source and assess your own in-house recruiters on all levels. Get the right people in place and recruit better.

 Access all the guidelines and templates you need. Build and implement your own Corporate Recruiting Handbook. Save time and hire better.

Experts recruiting Experts

Sourcing the market

Avollon has the insight and data you need to source great in-house and agency recruiters in all markets and worldwide.

Activating the best

Avollon has the power and position to activate and motivate the best of talent for your in-house recruiting, no matter level.

Expand your network

By hiring great inhouse recruiters you expand your network so you hire better, faster and lower your costs.

Starting with your business strategy

Start with you company strategy and planned workforce. Segment your recruiting needs and define your recruiting strategy and the type of inhouse recruiters you need. Explore new channels and tap in to new talent pools.

Step 1: Sourcing

Let Avollon source the market for relevant candidates. We activate candidates from other successful inhouse- and agency-teams. We open up for new talent with alternative exeperience and the right personality and potential.

Step 2: Assessing

Let Avollon screen and interview interesting candidates for your inhouse recruiting function. We let you meet the most interesting candidates and help you with a final assessment to secure a great hire with the right competency, motivation, personality and potential.

Step 3: Hire, Train & Support

When you hire by using Avollon we open up for our onboarding program with full access to training and support from expert recruiters. This way your inhouse recruiters will get an absolute advantage compared to other companies recruiting talent.

All in one place

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