Let insight and data improve recruiting

Sourcing the top 3% recruiters requires a potent combination of insight and data. Avollon’s Quality Assessment Process applies rigor to screen, identify, and evaluate recruiters in any market around the world.

Avollon captures and structures data from relevant sources, and conducts personal interviews with consultants, references and HR experts. Independent and comprehensive.

Avollon’s Client Advisors are seasoned recruiting experts who apply objectivity and professional judgment to contract expert recruiters on your behalf.

We find 3 expert search executives or recruiters from leading firms for your assignment, based on the following criteria:

  1. Only the most successful firms in their markets 

    Recruiting comes down to knowing your market. We only connect to leading firms in their segment with a proven record of ensuring the right solutions when it comes to language, market knowledge, cultural awareness, and the ability to challenge status quo to ensure success. 

  2. Only firms with teams and proven methods 

    We only consider firms with a strong reputation in their markets because they only accept exceptional consultants, work as teams with efficient systems and tools. They are known and admired as premiere firms in their markets among peers, clients, and leaders.

  3. Only experienced recruiters with true success

    We only work with recruiters who have a solid track record and exceptional results within their market. Only a tiny fraction of consultants in the market have the exeptional results that live up to the standards of the most demanding clients.

  4. Only recruiters with deep industrial and functional insight 

    Only consultants with the right industrial and functional expertise on the right level will be connected to you. Knowing the language, culture and history of relevant industries and functions provides insight and the right network.

  5. Only recruiters with relevant references

    Only consultants with relevant references will be connected to you. We collect and feedback from clients and consultant alike to ensure learning and continuous improvement for all so future clients can work with even greater success.

Find, assess and invite 3 of the best recruiters for your assignment

All recruiters on Avollon have a proven track record and a defined expertise within relevant industries and functions on the right level. Leading companies of all kinds rely on Avollon to find the right recruiters for critical positions on different levels. Avollon allocates the right recruiters to the right assignments in every location worldwide.

Sourcing Data for Insight

Avollon's Client Advisors use insight, structured data and our proprietary Quality Assessment Process to invite the right recruiters for each specific assignment.


We only connect to outstanding recruiters based on our own research, referrals from clients and recruiters on the platform.


We research available data to confirm the expertise, methods and experience of recruiters and their firms.


We perform global surveys to map how firms are developing in their markets and to explore new trends and ideas.


We meet the recruiters and their firms in interviews to confirm their expertise and to make sure they fit our clients.


We finally confirm the integrity, expertise and reputation of recruiters and their firms by interviewing former clients, peers and local experts.


We carefully monitor recruiters and firms internal and external ratings and rankings to meet client expectations.

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