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Avollon is a scalable platform for every company, from startups to global corporations. Get started today by benchmarking your recruiting and source the very best recruiters in the market. In every location and for every budget.

How it Works

Start with connecting to Avollon by Phone, Form or ATS

Connect with Avollon and share information about where you need new great people and how we can help you. We are here to support you.

Let data and insight connect you to 3 expert recruiters

We search the whole market to find 3 expert recruiters from leading firms. For every position and budget. In your home-market and cross-border.

Select the expert recruiter you trust and start hiring

Select and work with the right recruiters and accelerate your process hiring great people. Get better control, save time and hire the best.       


Global Intelligent Platform for Recruiting better People

Avollon provides better control over your recruiting, supporting local offices and getting recruiting more compliant with industry standards:                                 

  • Optimize costs and benchmark quality on one platform.
  • Implement guidelines and agreements built on industry standards.
  • Save time finding expert recruiters and hiring better people.
  • Secure control over assignments, consultants, invoicing and terms.
  • Invite new users on the enterprise solution.

Reports and Documentation in one place

Transparency with all external recruiting provides the data a company needs to optimize the critical process of recruiting people:

  • All reports and documentation in one place.
  • Get HR analytics on executive search and recruiting.
  • Get all critical external recruiting in one place.

Better Consultant Quality

Avollon connects you to better recruiters by carefully assessing the quality of each consultant for each assignment:

  • Recruiters true expertise and experience within relevant level, industry and function.
  • Leading firms supporting organization, position and documented methodology.
  • Relevant and personal client references providing metrics for performance and client satisfaction.
  • Global agreements defining process, terms and conditions for assignment.
  • Confirmation of integrity and position of the company among local HR executives.

Better Contract Management

Avollon helps you manage your service agreements so that you get better control:       

  • Get started with global pre-negotiated agreements.
  • Secure an efficient process built on industry standards and best practise.
  • Let Procurement, HR and Legal save time with unified global service agreements.

Better Cost Control

Avollon is free and simple to use. Avollon provides both clients and consultants control over assignments and agreements in an transparent way - all in one place.

Avollon provides better cost control with fixed fees and connecting you to the most successful and efficient local and national firms, providing competitive fees.

Avollon Invoicing is flexible and supports 15 currencies and VAT in more than 60 countries.                            

Global Reach

The Avollon Platform supports 60+ countries and 100+ major cities worldwide with the most comprehensive network of expert recruiters from leading firms.

Avollon Quality Guarantee

Securing quality is really the core of what we do. 

That is why we source the whole market to find, assess and invite the best recruiters from leading firms for your specific assignment.

That is why we have developed the Avollon Quality Guarantee to remove risk off your shoulders when working with external recruiting.

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