Worldclass hiring with Avollon

Avollon provides you with the systems and experts you need for worldclass hiring. Made for any company in search of edge and innovation in recruiting.

Avollon provides you with the systems and experts you need for worldclass hiring. Made for fast growing small- and midcap companies expanding in headcount and countries.

Why you will love Avollon

HR & In-house recruiters

  • Better In-house recruiters
  • Better agency recruiters
  • Training and support
  • Modern software (ATS and VMS)

Hiring Managers

  • Hire candidates faster
  • Better HR support
  • Access new talent pools
  • Stay within budget

Procurement & Legal

  • Better contract management
  • Better control over agencies
  • GDPR compliance

Access more talent for your organization

Your organization is only as strong as the people you hire. It all comes down to your talent pipeline, which is limited by the systems and expertise you know. Avollon is an intelligent platform providing the expertise and systems you need for worldclass recruiting.

Reduce costs with more than 30%

Recruit and train your in-house recruiters. Source and contract the right agency recruiters. Benchmark and upgrade how you source candidates. Assess, select and implement the right systems and best practise to save more than 30% of costs.

Save time and hire faster

The Avollon solution for better inhouse and agency recruiting will save HR a lot of time and hassle. You will also speed up time to hire with more than 30% by sourcing better candidates faster. Team up with your expert Avollon Advisor to learn more.

Make recruiting strategic with Avollon

Optimize how you recruite in your organization and make HR and recruiting more strategic. Team up with Avollon Advisors for better in-house recruiting and agency recruiting. Its only when companies execute on their recruiting, that they execute on  strategy. 

Supporting all locations

Avollon supports all your recruiting needs in 70+ countries and 100+ major cities worldwide. We provide the most comprehensive community of expert recruiters and consultants from leading firms to help you recruit better.. 

Companies of all kinds love Avollon

  • Tech clients with millions of users
  • Listed companies of all sizes in all markets
  • PE and VC companies scaling and growing 
  • Founder- and familyowned companies of all sizes

Hire great people faster

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